I forgot to talk about

May 26, 2001

I forgot to talk about car shopping. I’ve had some problems with my wonderful Jeep, and right now, I decided it would be better to trade it off than to repair it and only have a year left to pay. I currently have a nice black 2 door 1996 Jeep Cherokee, basic model and has ran well for the past 3 years. There are some minor problems, door and body panels mainly. I found a 1999 VW Golf , it’s built like a tank and hopefully today I can test drive it to see if it’s mine.[**update</b>] I didn’t get the car, the monthly payments after their discount and my trade in were too expensive. I owe more on my Jeep than I had thought. Time to fallback and punt. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I did test drive it and it rocked. Damn.

NetObjects is really wowing me; the ability to do layers and the ease that it renders is nice. I’ve worked on another version of this site using CSS, layers, and very little HTML. Renders great. The new generationgeneric, vixol, and safetyplace.org sites are getting developed in this fashion as well. I can�t wait until all of the sites are online and I can relax a bit. I�m starting to test a new journal system for mkelley.net. I might keep blogger, I don�t know it depends on how this system works out.

Computer Geeks is a great place to purchase computer items. Their service is top notch and they go out of their way to help you. I had a nice tech person who had a new cd in route to me in less than 2 minutes and they put a place on their www server for the drivers. Great Work! Good company, I�ve used them since 1996 and have never had a problem. I purchase about 90% of my computers and accessories from them.</p>