I forgot to mention my

May 27, 2001

I forgot to mention my adventure Friday. I had to get into the hospital�s mascot suit and stand near the highway and wave people into our event. Then I got to run around and meet kids and have my photo taken. It wasn�t that bad, the head was hot, but the suit was fine. When I was on the highway, I had a lot of people honking and waving, more than I would have thought. I actually got flashed by some teenage girl�he he he then they drove back around and flipped me off.

Niki is out of town visiting her brother, so I sat around and walked around the block a few times, smoked a nice Macanudo cigar and fixed a nice bowl of blacks beans & rice. I stayed up way too late reworking this page. Now if the CSS layering will work with Blogger then we�re cooking. If it doesn�t I�m going to look elsewhere. I also fixed up Victor as a RedHat 7.1 server�now it�s a 98 box. Good experiment, but I need to get this system ready for sale. I also setup a new machine for Niki, PseudoMac�yes the mac clone is going to Niki with the Apple monitor. I just need a modem. She will be able to surf and to use a word processor. I have a 4gb drive and a Apple ROM capable CD-ROM to add to the system. Once I finish, she will have a nice stable system.

Back to the RH71 box, I pulled up my wonderful copy of HTML Manuals 2.0 and researched Apache. Got it going in less than 10 minutes before I looked at the manual. Then I looked in the manual to see how to config the server. Interesting. Simply interesting.