Veerry interesting, I actually found

May 29, 2001

Veerry interesting, I actually found a group of people who use NetObjects almost exactly how I do�er did. [link ]. I used it as a starting point, I could layout my pages then import those into NOF. I have officially switched to NOF from FrontPage on all of the pages that are currently in development. Nothing against FrontPage, it handles databases far better than Fusion does and I will use it for that. Actually I plan on importing some ASP file into Fusion soon. Have I given up on finding a good Linux editor? Nope, but I will keep both Windows and Linux running at home. I like Linux and most everything I use in it, from Balsa to Mozilla to AbiWord. It�s stable but it doesn�t have the two tools I need for my day to day needs: a decent WYSIWYG HTML editor and a good graphics program. I�ve tried the GIMP and I prefer Photoshop over it anyday. The next version of this site, actually a point release, will be complete in the next few weeks, and was done completely with NetObjects Fusion 5 and Photoshop. Once I go live with it, I�m going to remove the FP Extensions from the server and go with full FTP.