w00h00, Blogger works with CSS

May 30, 2001

w00h00, <a “href=http://www.blogger.com”>Blogger</a> works with CSS layering. That means that this site will look even better in the next few weeks (maybe days, depends). I’m running around this week working on computers and celebrating birthdays, Happy Birthday Mom, so my evenings are already planned out.

Worked on a client’s computer last night. I had to allow his new computer to access the files and programs that are on another computer. We bought one of the Linksys kits and setup a simple peer-to-peer network. From this he can access his client database from both machines and can print from the new machine as well. The only thing he doesn’t have is a dependable Internet connection. He uses AOL and it works for him, but he doesn’t want to use the Internet sharing ability in Win98 because the machine with the phone line also needs to have a fax machine on it and the back machine needs to have a computer and fax on it as well. As I type this I’m thinking about suggesting a Bellsouth dialup account or a DSL line, I need to find out more before I do that. I got him an eMachines 633, it’s pretty much the same as the HP c500 I got him during the summer, crack open the case and they have the same Seagate drive, same power supply, same Intel motherboard with built in graphics, and same modem. And guess what? I got the new faster system cheaper than the HP when it was brand new. And they both have a year warranty.