Wow, it’s June…already. That means

June 1, 2001

Wow, it’s June…already. That means that some time this month I’ll need to send in my money for That also means that I’ve been keeping a journal full-time for a year. I look back occasionally and it’s really interesting to see the Mike of today vs Mike-1year. Look through the archives and see for yourself.

I’m having some problems with the recent slowdown in Blogger . When I try to pull up some info or put a post online, it is dragging. Snail’s pace slow. And right now that seems to be a small problem compared to the fact that I can’t reach or (my host). They’ve had problems with DoS attacks and hackers and I hope that this is a normal outage (I doubt it since they’re good about sending email). They’re a good host and I hope everything gets back to normal RSN.

Purchased a couple of books last night, “In Cold Blood ” by Truman Capote and Welch and Kaufman’s “Running Linux “. I read a small bit of “In Cold Blood” in my college literature class, it was more of an example of Capote’s work. Hopefully it is as good as I remember. If not, I will need to make a run to McKay’s books. I haven’t been working with Linux as much as I had hoped, but soon that will change. So, I decided to get a 2nd edition copy of “Running Linux” to learn about recompiling kernels and some other features I don’t know about. There is another book in the cheap bin, and it’s “Linux Administration “. It shows how to setup sendmail and some of the internal services in Linux. I read through it, but didn’t’ have enough moola. But I’ve learned more about Linux administration with my HTML library.