I’m trying to figure out

June 2, 2001

I’m trying to figure out this new webcam. It’s an Aiptek Webcam/Digital Still Camera. Quite interesting. My next adventure is to see if it will run under Linux. If it does then I can cross that off of my list. Paid bills, cleaned up a little and it’s time to go grocery shopping.

Niki and I took my Mom out for her birthday dinner. MMM nice dinner at Town & Country then over to Clumpies for ice cream. Sorry no URLs they don’t have sites yet.

I’m reading up and maybe I will do a reinstall of 7.1 tonight. There are some “quirks” that are bothering me with the install and I think a fresh copy will solve that.

I’m either looking for another Pentium Pro motherboard or a new motherboard/memory/cpu setup. I have 96mb of ram in MadCow now and he is hindered by SIMM slots. I can get 128mb of ram cheap…dirt cheap. This is my main machine and I really need to do something. I looked on ebay, but it’s slow going on finding a PPro motherboard with DIMM slots. I mean I can get a half of a gig for under $150. But why spend $150 on a PPro system when I can purchase a new complete system for about $120 more? I don’t know either. We’ll see. I really hate messing with a stable system.