Oh this weekend has been

June 3, 2001

Oh this weekend has been computer hell. Bluedog isn’t working too well. I reinstalled RedHat 7.1 and noticed that it was having some problems. Rebooted and went to bed last night. Woke up and I couldn’t get the screen to show. Rebooted and nothing would pull up, so I thought it was a video connection. Tried again and it finally booted but froze on the boot. Tried about 3 different times and decided that since this was a new installation and I didn’t have anything on that I didn’t want lost, I decided to install Windows2000. Install worked great and I had a new system, complete with Office2k in about an hour. System ran well, then Niki and I went and spent the day with her sister and nephew and my mom. Had a great time, but when I returned, it was frozen and I wasn’t able to get jack working again. So, where does that leave me. The symptoms seem very familiar. I need to dig back in my work notes to see what the case of the problem is. I think the motherboard is going south and wants to take my cash with it. The dilemma is this…I can get a nice Dell 166 for $50 while a new motherboard and AMD-K62-450 is $89. I have name brand everything and PC133 memory, so I could have a nice system cheap. I’m going to look at the geeks and see what they have and then I’m going to (shutters) Pricewatch and see what I can come up with. I really don’t want to deal with Tigerdirect, they are a poor company to deal with and I have swore them off about a year ago.

Well I see as I talk about MadCow’s replacement, Bluedog decided to keel over. Maybe just a memory upgrade is all I need on MadCow. Bluedog is about to be retired. I’ve had enough of this system. It worked pitifully for my Mom, then worked great under RedHat7. Add 7.1 and it dies. I don’t understand. I’m going to re-seat everything tomorrow and see if that helps, maybe it just needs some thermal compound…(ahh that’s it. I had this same problem on my old Kiwi laptop. I removed the heatsync and put a little thermal compound on and it worked great. Hmmm, see this journal is good for something…it jogs my memory when I need it to. Maybe my tune-up will work. If not, I guess Victor will be the new RedHat system. Might have to swap some parts.