Ok, sorry I didn’t post

June 6, 2001

Ok, sorry I didn’t post for the past few days. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time. I re-started my exercise routine and I needed to work some overtime so my night life has been suffering. Not really suffering, my time has been limited. I had to work late Monday evening, so I could get a site spec ready for a meeting on Tuesday and I had to stay late on Tuesday because I’m an advisor for the Explorer Scouts and none of the other advisors were in town.

I finished, except for 10 pages, “In Cold Blood”. It’s a good book but the end just drags out. “Ok Ok, Perry did it, he had a s4!77y life but deep down he was ok, get to the hangin’”. It’s really hard to think that this really happened, in 1959 to be precise. The book is definitely a good read. Just fast forward 40 years and it’s just as valid today as it was then.

Assorted Stuff:I’ve been playing around with the styles in NetObjects. I built a few and it does wonders to a site. I’m very impressed. I finally found a way to clean out my office…there is a big community yard sale right in front of my apartment and I’m going to setup a table and sell off my MacIIsi, various motherboards, memory and whatever else I can haul out there. I know I kept that stack of Linux CDs for a reason. “Why yes mam, that FreeBSD will work great on your 386” or “Yes these do make wonderful coasters…that will be a dollar”. Maybe I can make enough to buy that memory for MadCow…or a new board for BlueDog.

Oh, and I’m testing a new ASP journal software on my testing site If this host had ASP capabilities, I definitely would use the test software on mkelley.net. I just can’t figure out why I can’t login to the admin account, I’m going to test this on my home server and maybe see if I can use this at work too.