Been working like a Keebler

June 8, 2001

Been working like a Keebler Elf again. I have a database project that was working, now it isn’t and I haven’t changed anything. I have a site project that took a left turn at Albuquerque so I will get the initial page up, then I’ll have to set it up as a newsletter site., I have an initial design in the works and it sure is nice. I’m in the process of getting some hosting together and to outright purchase the name.

I have a lot of things on my table right now, everyone wants a site. My laptop will definitely come home with me this weekend so I can get some things finished. I also have some friends coming in and it seems like I need to get ready for a garage sale next weekend. So yes, I have been staying up till Midnight, 1am, and yes 2am just to get some things finished. Is it worth it? In short…yes. Because I’m working on projects that will be a notch on my resume and portfolio. They’re different and most importantly they’re done right.

Oh, and did I mention that this blog was two days in the making??? Yes, I forgot to post what I had so you get the 30% more edition of today. The above was created on Thursday. I found a new system for creating blogs/journals/etc. If on my test page and works using ASP. Anyone see the problem here? My provider doesn’t use/support ASP. So, to do what I need to do, I can either change providers or not use the system I want to use. The new system is free and is really easy to modify, and the support is great. So I don’t know…. is in the works, and the domain has been purchased outright from Namezero . I will move it to another host as soon as we have some more funding and our grants are finalized. It’s going to be really interesting. I’m excited and the site’s coordinator/founder/CEO is too. It’s going to be setup as a non-profit entity, a 403b I believe. With the site setup as a 403b, we will be unable to sell ads unless we became a full corporation. We don’t want that. Everyone involved is a volunteer and works for someone else. I’ve started writing an article about setting up a non-profit organization on the web. Non-profits are under special laws and that will prohibit some of my voluntary contributions. But I am actually donating my exchanging my services for ad placements and the rights to link to the site and use it in my portfolio.

BTW and the test site