Ok, this is version 3.3

June 9, 2001

Ok, this is version 3.3 of mkelley.net. It will be in the middle of transformation for the next few days….

Watched “The Tao of Steve ” with Niki last night. It’s not too bad. We also have “magnolia” and “What Women Want” so we should have some fun this weekend.

My old bandmates in “Rubber Soul” formed a band called “Moe Savvy ” and they’re playing the Riverbend Festival tonight….good luck! Another band, Infradig , is also playing tonight, I worked with and went to school with the drummer Josh Green, boy can he play like Neil Peart ….me I wanted to be Terry Bozzio . I don’t have a pin so I can’t go, but you can….I’m going to spend the evening with some friends from out of town. Sounds like fun. I’ve been missing playing drums for a few months now. I’m working on a cocktail drum and that might help in this apartment.

aarg…maybe the new template is screwed up…actually NetObjects screwed up the template, I clicked on “Center page in browser” and it centered everything. That feature is broke in NOF5.

Man, I want this drumset . My “baby” set is exactly like this but in Black Diamond Pearl. I paid about $350 in 92′ and they want $499 on eBay….