my template is screwed up,

June 10, 2001

my template is screwed up, this time it’s a combination of NetObjects Fusion and my own lack of checking work uploaded after midnight. the page will be back to normal monday evening/tuesday morning

This is the only page with any information until Monday evening….late. I’m in the middle of moving my site from one template to another and I have encountered some setbacks. I also decided to really look for another hosting provider. I am really starting to like working with ASP and I need a host that allows me to run ASP scripts and databases from my site. Once I move I can stop using Blogger and can use the system that I have on Brinkster.

Went out to dinner with my friends from out of town. Had a really good BBQ sandwich from Sticky Fingers and we decided to later split up into 3 groups, the guys going home to watch cooking shows and listen to “Physical Plant” BSWAA tape and later going to Books a Few Dozen, Mom’s and Wife’s going to Riverbend, and Niki going to spend time with her brother who came in for the weekend. Had fun, it was good to spend time with friends.

Nothing TOO computer oriented going on, I do think that my template for safetyplace is trashed, we’ll see.