It was 1995 and it

June 11, 2001

It was 1995 and it was a nice April morning. I stumbled out of bed like I normally did, turned on CNN news, grabbed myself a glass of milk and immediately sat down. CNN was my breakfast food of choice so I watched as many did, stunned. There were shots from a helicopter of this hollowed out mass of concrete and dirt that was still smoldering. People were being shown on the camera’s lens that would scar my memories some 6 years later. Children, Working People, Passers By, etc. All killed and injured because some yahoo wanted to seek “revenge” for the atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Yes, the FBI was guilty of murder (or should have been) in both of those events, but that did not mean for some idiot to kill innocent people. This man will now be a martyr to many and a murderer to most.

It was really a solemn occasion driving in this morning. As I got in my Jeep, the first thing I heard was the announcement that Timothy McVeigh was dead at 814am EST. There was short discussion and then the topic immediately changed to make the morning a little brighter. I’ve thought about this today…more than I really should have.

Drudge has an interesting report of his final minutes. He has some reporter comments and just some brief facts. Chilling.

The template is back to normal…maybe. Blogger finally works again and I will have an update for the archives this weekend.