You may notice that the

June 13, 2001

You may notice that the new site is up. Same site, same design, little has changed. I had to rework some of the graphics and content to fit on a page. Once I got it online, I saw some more areas for improvement. But those can wait. You’ll also notice that I removed most of my portal. If it’s removed then I don’t visit it anymore. WiredNews is getting to be old hat and most everything else I had listed isn’t good anymore. The Chattanooga Times News Free Press site was a decent site…not too cute and cuddly but it worked. Their new one is just flash for flash sake and isn’t as easy to manuver. Drudge??? Well I have moved on from Drudge as of today. I have bookmarks for the AP wires and I don’t need anything else.

Computer problems are everywhere. My laptop at work has been freaking out, possibly because of the installation of IE6. I removed IE6 and we’ll see if that was causing the crashes. I have another computer up here and I “could” use Virtual PC on the mac, but those migth not work in the long run. BlueDog has been stripped to bare metal and I pulled out the jumper setting to see what was the problem. I did find out that I can use the AMDK6 233 CPU that I’ve had for a while. I just need to update my BIOS. Interestingly enough, I can use a K62 300, but that is listed under “experimental”. Might see if that will work . Niki needs a new computer and I haven’t been able to get her one fast enough. Damn Macs and their cables. She will get Victor…maybe. I have a modem to install, but a 56k modem is $20 at the ole’ computer shop. Plus he is up for sale at a yard sale this weekend along with a ton of other computer parts. Another laptop may grace her apartment soon…I would like to test RedHat on it before she gets it…that is if I win the auction.