This is strange, I never

June 16, 2001

This is strange, I never fooled around with VNC under linux before. I am typing this on my Win2k system via VNC to my Linux system on Abiword. Strange indeed. Well I finished working on the ASP version of this site….well not finished, just have my ideas out. I am going to swap the graphic used to create the lines, to DHTML. I?ll keep my sanity that way. See… . It?s in the testing stages right now.

Well work is ….well work and I have a busy week next week. A nice website to complete, a presentation, another website and sometime in there I need to finish a photo directory and an ASP phonebook system.

I wasn?t able to attend Riverbend this year, I?m too po. So I missed out on seeing Collective Soul Friday night. I?m going Saturday to see my friends in Moe Savvy play at a HOG rally. It will be my first bike show, so it should be an eye opener. I?m also going to be doing a webpage for those guys real soon.

Computer name are funny sometimes. I always wondered why Jerry Pournelle names his computers, but I do it because my network needs computer names, so why not give a computer a personality. The IBM system that should, hopefully, be in my possession in the next few weeks has two options for names; Austin and Flamegirl. Austin, because like the Six Million Dollar Man, will be completely reassembled from it?s meek P90, to a nice Aptiva board that will allow it to up upgraded with DIMMs and USB. Flamegirl because I just worked on a wallpaper called ?flamegirl? . A rather nice, japanimation inspired wallpaper. Plus I was playing with eyecandy and did this cool thing with cutouts and flames.

If the HOG rally doesn’t kill me, I should have a pretty good weekend.