June 18, 2001

FrontPage is both a blessing and a curse. I use FrontPage 2000 at work to manage an intranet site. Not that big of one, but a good sized intranet. Well, I have a project to create an online survey and to transmit that survey to a database. Not that hard, FrontPage makes it easy. Everything worked right and I published it. I did a small…tiny test and it worked. Then I added about 70 other form items and saved as an ASP then published. Clicked on the link, filled out the survey, and *poof* I get an error about FrontPage error, contact sysadm…or something like that. I rarely touch the server now, I’ve never had to update IIS or had any problems…until now. Went and tried to look around at the permissions, everything was setup correctly. Finally I decided to look in the event manager’s applications log. The forms were generating the following

_FrontPage Server Extention

error # 60003

Trying to run SmartHTML interpreter on non-HTML page._

Looked on Microsoft’s site and didn’t find any help, nothing. But look on the web and it seems that this error pops up daily. Why doesn’t Microsoft talk about this??? Well Google Groups (Deja) has been a godsend recently.

Read the whole thread and you will see the solution…FrontPage 98 extensions were installed and I was trying to do something that only the FrontPage 2000 extensions can do…parse form data from an ASP file to an Access database. I run ASP files on my intranet now, but writing to a database confuses the 98 extensions. Asked the help desk to install the new extensions and one of the techs installed the new 2000 extensions…didn’t work. Uninstalled and now I couldn’t publish. Uninstalled the 98 extensions, rebooted, install 2000 extensions and it works. Well, it just installed. It wouldn’t completely install until we renamed the services.cnf file. I had to republish my big web so everything worked well and files got restored.