So now, my form-to-database survey

June 19, 2001

So now, my form-to-database survey works, another survey, and databases in general work better. I’m using a nice product called Web Explorer for some of the management of the Intranet now. I also found and modified this ASP setup that automatically lists the files in a given directory. I blended it with my old DHTML menu system, from the last version of this site, and now I have a nice, professional looking dynamicly generated menu. I how to blend it in with the new ASP news system and a few other ideas I’m working on. By the end of summer, I will have put together the content management system I want…or I can work with. It’s not slash , it’s not scoop , and it sure isn’t PHPNuke . It does however do what I am looking for for the cost (free) and I will hope to package everything together to make this site better. I have another website that I’m about to work on, and most of my creativity will go toward that. Vixol isn’t doing this one. I decided to just work under the name and vixol will just sit out on the net, empty.

Had a really good weekend….”weekend huh? it’s Tuesday”. Saturday afternoon, I was at the Tennessee State HOG rally. It was my first bike show and I was there to take some photos for a client and to discuss our plans. I’m sunburned from that and my Sunday swimming excursion. Really good show, good music, good food, cute girls and not a computer geek or, surprisingly enough, yuppie in sight. Too many yuppies have been on bikes recently, but I think they didn’t want to mix with the “commoners” so they stayed away…thank god. I hope to have the bike photos up really soon. Niki and I spent Saturday evening at a BBQ for her dad. Sat on the porch and relaxed. Sunday we went swimming with Niki’s nephew and sister and cooked…mmm pizza. We were exhausted, but determined to go walking in the park. Chickamauga Battlefield park was a great place to walk, except for the shady characters that cruise by looking for, well it seems, victims. If it wasn’t for the ranger coming by every 5 minutes or so, I would be a little more on the lookout that I was. But with a cellphone and my knife, I would put up a fight.

God, I feel like a jerk sometimes…