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June 20, 2001

This site is moving to another hosting provider . There might be intermittent downtime as the DNS is being transferred. All accounts will experience downtime until I can setup the accounts. Send email to{.limailto} until this is resolved.

I’ve been playing around with Linux window managers this weekend. FVWM for some strange reason is appealing to me. I can’t explain it. KDE2 is ok, GNOME is my 2nd choice. I now know how to configure VNC to use FVWM, I have the print-out, and maybe tonight I can set this up. I could see that FVWM would be great to use on some old Pentium system and would be great to use on an old laptop. Using TWM under the VNCViewer on Windows is amazingly fast. I had Mozilla pumping and X-Chat going. I just felt like it was another desktop on my Windows box. I just don’t like TWM, though. FVWM has enough features to work and do what I need.

I downloaded Netscape Navigator 3.04 Gold. I think it was to see what jwz was ranting about. He is using 3.02 for UNIX to browse the web. I must agree with him that it’s a lot faster. /. looks good and so does but isn’t displayed properly. It doesn’t look good in Konquerer under KDE. So as a web designer, yes jwz a designer, should I develop a site that is visible for even the most beta editions of Mosaic or Lynx? Should I at least design for the 3.0 browsers? My stats show me that 80% of you who visit this site use IE 4 or 5 and about 3% use IE3. The rest use Netscape, Opera, CyberDog, etc. Would a business exclude 30% percent of its potential clientele? More than likely not. Well what should I do? I have setup a text only edition at work and I might soon do the same here.

My phonedirector system is almost ready for beta. I now have it listing all of the records in a table, now If I could get it to page according to the alphabet I would be happy. I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find anyone who knows how to do this in ASP. I’m not that strong of a coder to do this. I also have been toying around with a content management system, my ideas for modification might work. I now know how to select an image from a database and I almost have my thought together on how to setup the system.

Sorry for the hodgepodge of acronyms, computers are funny like that.