Yesterday was an interesting day,

June 23, 2001

Yesterday was an interesting day, can’t really talk about it but I can give a link to a news story . John Pless, of WTVC Channel 9, did a really good job on the story. The Chattanoogan was the only other site to discuss the story. Our wonderful newspaper has renamed their site and page to ChattanoogaNow (I won’t give the link, sorry), and they didn’t even post the story.

Well, in linux news, Its official: I hate Progeny. But, being the good sport that I am, I’m going to try it again on the IBM system coming in. Storm installed, but I believe I have another hardware problem. Just for fun, I installed a video capture card and Storm was the only one to properly identify it. Redhat never found it, etc. Storm gave me a CRC error like Progeny, and now redhat will not install, so I’m going to go back and reformat with Partition Magic. Storm has a real good installer and maybe I can see the completion of an install RSN (Real Soon Now).

Another boring weekend. The site is still on domainbuilder and I really need to know when the DNS will transfer. I also have a new site in production, It’s actually going to be a sample site for my portfolio.

Have a good weekend!