Ok, Storm Linux 2000 Hail

June 24, 2001

Ok, Storm Linux 2000 Hail release works. And works very well I might add. The network didn’t work and I had to search on the net about how to add the eexpress module. Found that out and loaded it. Then I had to restart network and then stop it again to add the route. Everything seems to work. I though my CD was crapping out, changed it. Then I thought the Video cap card was causing a conflict, it might be…removed it. Then I tried to load windows and the system wouldn’t see the disk. After that I decided to move the CD to IDE2. Dammit ti works and works well. I don’t know what the problem really was, maybe the CD is set to be a master. I don’t know. Stormix is working well and I’m in the middle of downloading the Progeny boot floppy to see if it works after all.

Mom, Niki, and I went to see “Cast Away” today. Really good movie and wasn�t at all like the critics said. I didn�t find the hour without dialogue and score boring, I really didn�t notice it. I will admit here, and only here that I got choked up in one parts. It really grabbed you into this man�s life. After the movie was over, we sat back and talked in my apartment for a few hours. Mom also reminded me that I was invited to the Walker County Republican Party get together this Tuesday. I would go, but my first Chugalug meeting is that day as well. Hmmm running elbows with politicians or eating hotdogs with a bunch of Linux wizards? You guessed it, I�m going to Chugalug …all to experience Hot dog 1.0. Relish .5 alpha, and bun 2.5. Nothing against my GOP brethren, but I�m not exactly ready to delve into that magical world of politics…yet.

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