If you are seeing this,

June 25, 2001

If you are seeing this, then you’ve reached the new server. I’m still having email problems, so use iomike@bellsouth.net{.limailto}

I’m out sick today. I’ve pushed myself a little too much last week, with about 5-6 hours sleep per day, working 8-10 hours, come home and work on projects, exercising, etc. I just didn’t have any energy and my Levothyroxin ran out so I am very weak and tired today. My refill should be ready this afternoon. It’s hard typing this, my thoughts are scrambled and I just want to sleep. So it should be a fun drive to pick up my medicine today 🙂

I’m taking this week off from posting, it wasn’t planned. I need to complete a few projects & spend less time after 11pm working on things. My daily journal was the main thing I worked on in that 11pm-1am timeframe. I was doing good until this weekend.

I’m ok, I will answer all forms of communication (email,phone,snail mail, ICQ, etc). is the original mkelley.net site.