Cutting Glass and Killing Time

July 2, 2001

“Hi, yes you. “Hello!” Thanks for returning to my site after the downtime

last week. Between moving hosting form one company to another, email outages(still

happening), and coding a new page for a different platform I have been busy.

Busy at work and at home. My Linux adventures have been small this week. I know

how to setup networking, and I should know more as I try a similar setup on

another machine. As soon as my IBM system is in, I`m going to have 3 system

to sell on eBay.

Niki is moving back home and I have to make room for her boxes and furniture.

I`m going to use a lot of the cooking supplies and some furniture, but the rest

will be stored in my 2nd bedroom, a.k.a the office. My work area will move to

my dining room and my office will become the storage and workshop. It`s cheaper

that way instead of renting a storage building. She`s going home to save money

for credit cards, bills, and our future. We also looked at rings yesterday.

It was an interesting experience.She was looking at this beautiful diamond and

sapphire ring and the salesperson handed her another ring, about the same size,

Niki hated it. The salesperson put the ring back and I saw the price…$5,000.

Niki, thank god,didn`t like the $5,000 ring. The ring she liked, at that store,

was about 10% the price of that ring. I know what she likes now, and our next

diamond adventure will be in about 2 weeks. As a man, I do know my diamonds.

I`ve gone with a few of my friends as they picked out their rings. I know about

clarity, cut, etc. I`m not Tom Shane and I`m sure not that Steven guy from Madisoft`s

radio ad. I know enough about diamonds to avoid those places that sell an H

clarity for as much as an E. Niki thought I wasn`t paying attention, but I asked

questions and I think she was shocked. She does read this page, and maybe I

can talk her into typing her opinions of the diamond adventure.

This new version of the page does look good in Netscape 3.04 Gold

and Mozilla 0.9.1. The only thing that doesn`t render completely are the lines

that surround the main table. IE 5 is the only one that renders that correctly.

So I will soon experiment with graphics on those lines.

Maybe I can win a laptop tonight 🙂