Sheepskin, Electricity, and Plastic Rectangles

July 10, 2001

Quick post tonight…

I`ve been looking at the Covenant College <a href=>Quest</a>

program for a while and I went to an informative meeting about it. Seems like

it will be a great thing to do, if my Financial Aid goes through. Seems I make

enough to go to school but those whom I owe and my physicians might beg to differ.

I`m going to get all of my stuff together this weekend for the August 14th start.

The new IBM is in and as always something went wrong. The IBM board I had in

storage, is dead. So I hacked in my Cyrix PR-166 processor to work with the

existing board. Seems to work. I`ll know more later. Plus, I pumped up the memory

using the memory from my mom`s old machine.

I was going to work with a band on a website tonight, but they wanted to work

on their CD cover with the CD guy, so I`ll wait until Thursday. No harm no foul.

Gives me time to rest a bit and get my auctions in order.”