amerikansk olycka tik

July 11, 2001

“I`ve been doing a good bit of critical thinking about web design, the technology

behind it, and pretty much over analyzing the rut I`m in right now. IN the floor

of my office right now, are two books that pretty much explain what I`m doing.

They`re both “Dummies” books….A+ for Dummies and ASP for Dummies. I`m going

to work on my A+, just to have it really. The ASP book is to assist my lack

of knowledge in what I`m coding right now. My archives for this new news system

are fuct. Time to work on one and hope it works.

I did find time for fun, I read Microserfs Friday Night and Saturday morning.

Good book, ending was kinda lame, but I do like this book. Time to dig around

for some more Coupland.

I worked on a publishing project that I`ve neglected for a few weeks. I`m

really amazed at how EyeCandy filters work. It`s a project done in QuarkXPress

4 with a little help doing the logos in Photoshop 5. Everything will be finalized

from my Color LaserJet 4500 at work. Sweet printer, wish I has the cash to afford

one. Then from there HQ Color Copies will be printed and distributed to the

members of the association I`m doing this for. Not to worry, is a hospital-related

association. I have decided that Quark was developed by people who are into

S&M. It`s pure torture to get anything working. I like PageMaker a lot better

and it gets things done without pulling teeth. If I did ads for a living again,

I would opt for an Adobe solution of PageMaker and Photoshop….running on Windows2k.

I looked at the InDesign software from Adobe, but I don`t think it`s as good

as Quark or Pagemaker. I talked with a billboard designer and she agrees with

me, and she only uses Photoshop for her layouts. I must admit, that toward the

end of my Advertising days (a few months ago) I was using Photoshop to setup

the ad, and only using Quark for the specs and to fit the graphic in the correct

dimensions. Swedish