When Life Gives You …

July 13, 2001

“I have a strong belief in fate. Things happen for a reason, you might not

know now why things happen but sooner or later the real reason will be seen.

That is my personal motto, I believe everyone should have one.

I really wish I had something techie to discuss here, or at least something

with my life, but unfortunately nothing interesting happened today. So let`s

discuss some happenings around my former house and my mom`s current house.

I saw that some idiot decided to kill his estranged wife in front of his kids.

They lived about 10 houses up from my mom. The guy killed his wife in the parking

lot of a Pentecostal Church about 300ft from their house. The guy then drives

to where he was living, kids in tow, and shot himself three times in front of

his children. The guy is living and hopefully they will throw the book at him.

I knew about it, and it really hit home when I went to Mom`s house for lunch

and their house was covered in crime scene tape. Then Phil called from Atlanta

and said he heard about it on the radio down there. The couple had problems

and apparently she ran across the street for help on a few occasions. What really

struck me was the fact that I`ve never had a murder within the distance this

one occurred from where I lived (or use to live).

I`ve received some feed back about my “So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star” piece.

Thanks for the many kind words. I`m not one to really look in the past, but I

think occasionally it`s ok to do so. I have vowed to “expose” all of the capers

that occurred during those Saturday nights. We had our high school music teacher

believing that we (everyone else but me) were having some sort of satanic rituals

in my basement. The band director called my Mom and she laughed about the whole

thing….pretty much laughing into the director`s face. Mom told me and I told

the guys…then we kicked up the show a bit. And can you believe that no one brought

any sort of “substances” into the basement? Seriously, we were stone sober when

most of this happened…

I swear I`m going to write a book about my teenage years. If not for the pure

comedy of it. It was almost a comedy of biblical proportions….fire, wind,

rain, locust…commandments, psychos, goons, nymphets (yeah right), good, evil…