forgiveness doesn`t come with a debt

July 16, 2001

“Wow….I`m completely numb today. It was a really busy day yesterday and I didn`t take my thyroid pill today so I`m completely drained. It`s been a busy weekend. Niki`s brother came in from out of town, their grandmother had a double bi-pass, and I asked Niki to marry me. Yep, that`s right I asked Niki to marry me and she said, “Yes”. We`re both quite numb actually. Very Very Happy and Numb. We`re still saying “Wow”. We made the rounds to the family homes and to the hospital so we were quite exhausted. I`ve been plotting this for a few months. I`ve wanted to talk about this online, but she does read the journal and I didn`t want to let the cat out of the bag.