at night all cars look alike

July 17, 2001

“thanks for the many kind words for me and niki in our engagement. i do seem

to forget that many of you do read this daily. yes, niki and I have been in

love for almost three years and I wanted to pop the question before our 3rd

year anniversary. we`re still numb and happy about the whole thing. it probably

won`t hit us until we set a date (April/May) and we start to finalize our plans.

I will take this time out of the journal to apologize to those who I haven`t

phoned about this and are finding out online. I`ve been juggling a few projects

and just spending time getting Niki moved, and I haven`t been home. I do have

a cell phone, but I suck at storing numbers in it. damn i need a secretary.

a new computer for me is in the future. i`m stocking up on parts now, and the

system could be complete in the next month. MadCow, my pentium pro machine is

going to become a linux box with the new system running Win2k or a combination

of Linux and Win4Lin. I need a nice home machine since I`m doing a lot more extra

work. I figure that a Pentium III 600 with 128 would be better than upgrading

a Pentium Pro 200 to 333 and 128 mb of ram. I am keeping my Pentium Pro machine

I am simply ditching my other machine and using its` parts. Oh, and it`s going

to be all SCSI.

I rushed home and ran by the rental office to see if my laptop came in. Went

into the UPS room and didn`t see it. But, when I went home I saw a nice box

sitting on my doorstep. The new laptop is a Twinhead Slimnote 8 (875). My old

one is a 890. So I swapped the memory and processor over and I`m working great.

The screen from the old laptop might be transplanted to the new laptop. I blew

away my old hard drive so I can see if Linux will install, but for some reason

the cd isn`t seeing a disk. So, I`m going to load up my Iomega DOS drivers to

install windows that way. If the cd is dead, then I could get a cheap PCMCIA

CD to install from. I would like to see if Linux would run fine, if it doesn`t

then NT will be installed.

Hotmail is pretty much useless. I have an account there and it has 227 new

emails. All SPAM. I setup a filter to only let email where my name appears as

the “TO” go through. I have 0 in my inbox and 227 in the junk folder. So,

I have decided to let that (and all) Hotmail accounts sit unused until they

cancel them. I think between my Bellsouth webmail and my other account, I have

no reason to miss email on the road. Hotmail sucks! “Ok then wiseguy, who should

I have a webmail account with?” Ok, It`s ran by Network Solutions,

no junk no unwanted emails. Niki has an account there, and I keep a backup account

there as well.

Yes, I do need a secretary…and an accountant, and a car mechanic. I`m in

the process of getting everything back together, but I am occasionally absent-minded

(low blood sugar does that to ya) and a PDA would assist me much better than

a notepad. My next investment will be in another Palm-type device. Then again,

I`m cheap…er Frugel so the new Palm m100 looks

good…but so does that Newton (under $50 on eBay). I don`t need anything fancy,

just a PDA to take with me and occasionally help me with notes. A $.20 notepad

would work well, but they have the habit of becoming unorganized and well…lost.

With everything going on, from work to home business to school to wedding planning

I will need an additional brain to keep track of everything.”