rightround world

July 18, 2001

“Loaded Windows95 on the laptop until I can get the CD going. I found my old

Iomega Zip drivers disk and fired up the guest program and installed from there.

I have about a 100mb partition that will hold Win95, AbiWord, and Netscape 3.04

as a minimal setup. If the CD is ok in Windows, then I`m going to install Linux

on the rest of the drive. I`m planning on disassembling the drive to see if

it is a connector problem or just a dead drive.

I`ve been looking at a few new-to-me sites, <a href=http://www.plastic.com>Plastic</a>,

<a href+http://www.istockphoto.com/>iStockphoto</a> and <a href+http://www.darksites.com/souls/horror/evilguide/>So

You`ve Decided to be Evil</a>. Plastic is a unique site, that is <a href=http://www.slashcode.com>Slash</a>-based. Reminds me of a cross

between Kuro5hin and Suck. Probably the best designed slash powered site. Neat

content and the look is great. Plastic is ran by those who brought you Wired

and Suck. The other site is well…funny. It`s a good place for all of you criminal

masterminds in training. iStockPhoto is a neat place to get nice graphics for

a small price (free).

Wow, I`ve just started to become un-numb from the whole “we`re getting married”

happenings. We`re still happy, but with Niki moving and her Grandmother`s illness,

we hava a lot to think about. There is too much going on currently. She is so

busy and I have some deadlines that are approaching fast. It was nice last night

to sit down and watch cable…I didn`t care if it was the River Phoenix story

on E!. My brain needs a vacation occasionally. From Programming, computer repair,

and engagement it needed to rest. That was possibly the only tv I`ve watched

this week. I get my news online and via the radio.

I read a little bit about the new Apple G4 PowerMacs, looks like those “bogus”

photos were correct after all. Photoshop hack indeed 🙂 They seem to have dropped

the ball by not introducing an iMac without a CRT. It would be an interesting

machine to have a flat panel iMac, but that isn`t what they think we want. More

speed, more money, more likely that I still won`t get a mac. I really don`t

like the new G4 case, it`s too smooth. The G3 and earlier G4 cases were neat

and cooler. The iMacs have lost their LSD inspired colors and are available

in Blue, Grey, and White (sorry Graphite, Indigo, and Snow).