Fake Plastic Trees

July 22, 2001

“Niki and I have secretly kept mental notes about every wedding we`ve been

to since we began dating. Our notes are simple…they`re likes and dislikes.

We went to a wedding Saturday and in the gym that served as the reception hall,

we did our post-game with Niki`s brother and his fiancee`. Actually we talked

about the wedding while trying to flip confetti into the candle decoration on

the table. Not one of our most elegant moments. Anyhoo, we`ve been in the middle

of wedding talk all weekend and went to a place that Niki`s mom suggested. The

place was nice and really a long ways from where we live. It`s an old church

that is made into the side of a giant rock. Really neat vibe that I would like

to attand a sermon on Sunday….but not for a wedding. Niki agreed, and thanks

to her sister, Susan, we realized what we really want in a wedding. Susan did

her best “Dr. Laura” advice and we actually listened to what we were saying.

Niki and I want an wedding outside. We`re still looking and we actually took

a few sideroads to look at a few open areas. Needless to say, I am dead tired

from traveling and my enjoyment meter was at 0 for part of the trip. Hey, I

love my soon-to-be-nephew but after he guzzled down one of those M&M tubes

and about a 1/4 of a pack of sugar wafers he was like a grenade or a tasmanian

devil. Great kid when the sugar buzz ends.

Niki also moved back in with her parents today. It`s more of a cost saving

measure so we will have some cash when we get married. She had been moving furniture

and storage here with the big things going home. The drive is going to be rough,

she is about 45 minutes from me now, as opposed to the 5-10 minute trip we`ve

had since February or the 20-30 trip we had before that. More of my time will

be traveling, so the laptop is a necessity.

It was really strange leaving her parents house tonight, we haven`t said “Goodnight”

on he back porch in over a year. It was almost like deja vu. In the past year

I`ve lived in three different places, been diagnosed with two major illnesses,

watched friends get married and divorced, and got engaged. Niki said tonight

that I am a completely different person that I was a year ago.  She meant

that in a good way. I am so looking forward to when we can start our life.

I have two sites for two clients due on Thursday. I`m going to complete the

first one tomorrow evening and the other one Wednesday evening. I am getting

ready for a busy week, one that is greatly welcomed. I should have some memory

arrive soon and maybe I can get some computer work completed.

Sorry no computer stuff, I`ve only been working in Photoshop all weekend and

nothing strange happened.

I picked up a few CDs this weekend: Richard Thompson`s Mirror Blue, Elvis Costello`s

Spike and Unified Theory.The Richard Thompson Cd has been in my player all weekend.

It`s really good. One of the best performance I`ve been to was to see Richard

at the Nightfall series in downtown Chattanooga. Just him, a few thousand people,

and a few rude bikers. I`m glad they`re charging them. Nothing like hearing

one of the most well respected singer-songwriters and having a biker rev up

his engine during most of the performance