Kentucky Fried Eyes

July 23, 2001

Boy am I tired. Put in my usual work then came home, did some housekeeping,

then worked on two websites. My eyes are fried. And they hurt like hell. That`s

what looking at a computer monitor will do to ya.

I did win an Apple Newton MessagePad 120 on eBay. Comes with a modem and all

of the goodies. Should be some fun. There is even a webserver for it and a telnet

client. Being able to update this page from it will be the ultimate, and will

be the first test. I really got it as an additional memory for myself. I need

to track what I`m doing and be able to pull it up in an instant.

Nothing of note happened today, no Linux adventures, no computer mishapts.

I did find out that the first place Niki and I had ever discussed about as a

marrage location is available. We had talked about this in 1999, and we had

thought the people who were the caretakers of the facility had moved, but today

I found out they`re still there. It`s a lovely stretch of property on the lake

and it`s just beautiful. A call is going to be made real soon.

Goodbye for now, the next few days are going to be action packed so my updates

will be limited.