Happy III

July 24, 2001

“Today is my and Niki`s anniversary. We`ve been together for three years today.

Everyday, Niki & I thank Mark Dunn who set us up. It was a blind date and

we went to Steak N Shake, The TN Aquarium, and just driving around. We had a

shaky start but soon it smoothed out. We`re going to a nice dinner tonight and


Shhhh….. Im trying out a replacement for the news system you<br /> are reading now. Nothings wrong with this system, but I want to have a more
“transplantable” system….one that will run on Windows, Unix, Macs, hell even
Amigas. Its a perl-based CGI program called &#8220;NewsPro&#8221;. Its currently powering
sites like Macaddict. I wanted to use program that I can use for clients, no
matter where their sites are hosted.

I`ve been trying to play with Zope, but it is almost a course in futility

to get anything working. PHPNuke looks really great, but I want to have a non-vital

system to experiment with. I found a place that has a free service for developers,

but they are giving me crap about this site being a personal site and I must

have a “professional” site to qualify. I know they read this site so once

again let me state that this is also a consulting site that has links to sites

I`ve done.

I own about 5 different domain names currently: mkelley.net, safetyplace.org,

vixol.com, generationgeneric.com, & applekeek.net. This site is mkelley.net

(duh!) with safetyplace being a project in development and generationgeneric

another project. Vixol and applegeek will become example sites. Showing what

I could do for you. I`m going to purchase a domain in the next few weeks that

will become my business site. I`m not ready to talk about this yet, but everything

is moving forward. Actually that is one of my business ventures, I have a planning

meeting this week for another and this one also has a few people helping. So

it`s been fun these past few weeks: working 8-5, come home work from 6-8, work

from 11-1am, sleep, wake up at 7am, repeat. Wow! I love getting this work together.

My eyes aren`t burning today. But when you look at a red screen (from the

NewsPro forum to a website I`m working on) for a few hours it ruins your eyes.

I powered down last night and talked to Niki on the phone in my pitch black

apartment. My eyes seemed to do much better than they were. I watched a few

minutes of a program on PBS about the airlines and plane builders. Really interesting

and talked about everything from Boeing to Continental airlines and had some

really great footage of older planes and plane graveyards. Good imagery as I

drifted off to sleep.