50 Ways to Visibly Shake Someone

July 25, 2001

“Is today Thursday….oh wait it`s Wednesday wow there is a lot going on.

Niki and I had a nice Italian dinner last night, we gorged ourselves on Garlic

Rolls, Chicken Florentine for me and Cannelloni Genovese for Niki, and Tiramisu

for both of us. It would have been a better meal if the yuppies-in-training

behind us would use their inside voices. Nothing like a dark Italian restaurant,

with “Kent” talking about how he has to warm up the athletes before they hit

the field of a local private school. Lots of fake laughing from his date. I

couldn`t help but listen in, they were louder than anyone in our section. i
hate yuppies

I sent off some photos to be develop from my trip to Chicago (in 1999) and

my recent vacation to Savannah and a family excursion to Cooledge Park in Chattanooga.

They will be ready Friday, and should be scanned in this weekend on a *gasp*

photo page.

Busy day at work (notice I don`t talk about work much), we had to interview

three young women for a position, all good candidates. That took up most of

the morning. I really like the questions everyone threw at the “contestants”.

I wanted to know more about them, favorite writers, favorite books, personality.

Had to move some appointments around so I go could go to my planning meeting

tonight, unfortunately that means I`m going to move one appointment to this

weekend. I`m in the process of moving my office to my dining room. The area

is clean, and I should have some more time this weekend to take care of everything.