The Channel 5 News Team

July 29, 2001

This was originally Thursday`s post

Had a meeting Wednesday evening, enjoyed a nice steak and looked over a Mathew

Lesko book while we talked about mission statements and purposes. It was really

informative, and I can only say that we have a lot of work ahead. Plus, that

Texas Roadhouse steak sauce rocks. I`m a westachere person, but I went with

the sauce instead…it was that good. I can`t drink anymore or I would have

had a beer or a rum & coke. I really have been craving a rum & coke,

but I can`t exactly have alcohol. One sip has been sending me into hypoglycemia-land

and that is the light headed feeling you feel when you drink. I`ll just stick

with water or a diet coke or diet dr. pepper.

begin rant

I came home and found a nice note from the USPS…they came by and left a note

about missing them with my packages. That`s funny, they delivered my laptop

to the front door of my apartment and left it there all afternoon. And like

all packages sent to me, it stated “Leave at Rental Office”. Your US Tax Money

at work people. They even left a package to the apartment next to me…the showroom

apartment that no one has lived in about a year (according to the manager).

So anyway, now I have to get off work early to get to the post office, that

doesn`t even handle my ZIP Code, to pick up this package. USPS needs to keep

hours like UPS or FedEX, the post is going to close at 5pm whereas everyone

else closes at 7. That way those of us who work a job that consist of “normal”

hours don`t have to lose money by leaving work early. _Then again, they`re

not going to make them do anything, everyone`s afraid that the person they are

talking to might just snap at that point and…er…well…go postal._

end rant

I went to my Grandmother`s house to install a computer. Yes, I`m putting my

67 year-old Grandmother on the internet. Do I know what I`m in for? No. She

and my uncle are going to have NetZero and if they like that then I`m going

to highly suggest She wants to email and surf the web and my

uncle wants to do some of his work from home. They got a nice 17″ monitor and

a combo Fax-Printer thingie. Should be fun to get that going. It`s an IBM 300

series with a P200, 96mb RAM, 2gb Hard Drive, 56k modem, and a built in ATI

graphics. I stripped my old Linux system BlueDog of it`s processor since I have

a new Motherboard in route and can use it`s case and parts in it and other systems

like the IBM. The new system is going to either be a slot1 system or a 370 system.

I found a really good deal at my favorite shop, so that might be the next step.

I got my Apple Newton MessagePad 120 today. It`s quite a bit bigger than the

Palm III I had and the Palm V that I`ve setup previously. Apple`s handwriting

recognition sucks…luckily Graffiti was on a flash card and I loaded that onto

the Newton and it works better. You can use the same Graffiti alphabet and it

does seem to track better than the Palm does. Well let me re-phrase that, not

so much better, but faster. I`m going to move my office and setup the connection

pack. Niki has also requested that I get her one too, so we both can keep track

of Wedding stuff and so she can see how my week is going to be, work-wise.

I just found out that I will also have another “big” project once this website

I`m working on is complete. It`s not really going to be a web project, but some

graphics and layout. Should be some good money and that could help offset the

cost of a wedding 🙂 some car repairs and maybe a DSL or Cable connection. I`m

keeping my fingers crossed.

**_Oh and can someone please help me out…I`m trying to find out who did

the remake of The Who`s “Behind Blue Eyes”. It has a nice female voice and the

drummer is pulling some of Keith Moon`s drum fills off almost flawlessly. I

hate remakes, but this one seems to grab me. If you know, email me._**

If you notice, I made some changed to the links at your left . I`ve

added Plastic, a neat new zine and added back some of the Apple-esque site

** UPDATE **

August 22, 2003.

I closed the ability to comment on this entry, because people were using it to contact an actual Channel 5 News Team. People must not read entries or realize that this has never been a TV station’s website. The “Channel 5 News Team” title was actually referring to the book, “Microserfs”.