du miserabler Hurensohn

August 28, 2001

Ok, so I’m back a few days early….so sue me. I have a list of things I wrote about on my hiatis and this is just the beginning:

My motherboard is in and I need to go to the FedEX office to pick up MadCow’s processor upgrade. The next, and final purchase for a while, will be a processor to go along with the new motherboard. I’ll have more geeky goodness, by way of the MB specs, when it arrives. The only other thing I might purchase will be one more DIMM for the motherboard. With 256mb of RAM so cheap, it would be a good investment.

I think I have anough parts for one more machine, I just need to get an ATX case and I’ll have another system to sell. I’m planning on selling about 3 systems on ebay at the same time. A 486, a pentium 166, and a Mac IIsi. I should get about $100 for the set. I also have the twin to MadCow’s case for sale. It’s a hell of a case, but it’s AT. Maybe I can hack an ATX board in it. If my Quark set would sell, I would have enough money for my Visa bill.

I have been layed up with a sinus problem. That and my diabetes don’t seem to go well together. My energy has been zapped. I started a new diet this week, since I’ve put on a few pounds since May and my diabetes is a lot more manageable (i.e. not having to take my medication) when I’m about 10-15 pounds lighter. Plus, with the wedding coming up, It’s so easy to put myself on auto-pilot and eat whatever I can find. I have to be more consiuous of what I eat. So, that also means eating in or taking my lunch more. When I first moved out I would fix a giant tupperware container of salad for the week. I could take some of that all week for lunch and have some with my dinner. I was also keeping carrot sticks and pretzels around for snacks. Now, my fridge is sparse and when I have pretzels they are still my snack but most of my “healthy” eating went out the window on my vacation in May.

w00h00, I think some German viewers of /.

didn’t get the humor in [my

reply](http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=21007&cid=2225615) to the story about SuSE’s CTO/President stepping down. It was humor

people! Laugh! Sorry, I do laugh at Southern and Irish jokes….I can laugh

at myself.

Update 23:00: I installed a Pentium II Overdrive Processor in MadCow. It works…

I had a nice bit about how this was installed but it seems as I was hitting CTRL-C to copy from AbiWord to Newspro, Abi crashed and took my three paragraphs with it. It’s late and I really don’t want to spend another 5 minutes re-typing. I’ll have the rest of the story tomorrow.