Too Many Commas

August 30, 2001

Today was spent away from work. I had to go off-site for a

long meeting about a project coming up. It was interesting being around “proper”

editors and writers as well as a few graphics people. It opened my eyes on how

projects should be handled. I’m going to apply that to my websites. Web Architecture

and Design are great. It was neat to see an all Apple office. Everyone except

the graphics people and grunts had Powerbooks, mainly Wallstreet’s and I did

see one TiBook. The graphics people had G4’s and the grunts had iMacs. Really

a beautiful office, nice wood and carpet, the staff was all around my age (late

20s-early 30s) it was just a hip “Bannana Republic” design. I thought I would

be surrounded by yuppies, but everyone was really Nice and very intelligent.

Haven’t talked about Stylebooks in a long time. “_So do you spell out “9”

as “Nine” or just type the number “9_“?

I’m going to tidy up the riv@ site this weekend and add a space for a mailing list. I want to be able to announce where we are at and when we are going there. I wasn’t sure about the script I use for forms so I hacked two together to make a nice form script. Looking at it now, I’m not too happy with it. Wasn’t as hip as I want it. That will change.