Snogging Sods and the Mad Keen Review

August 31, 2001

Oh how I love Fridays. Bosses leave early and the staff is right behind them. I’m salary, so if I work at least 4 hours, I get paid for 8. Neat huh? But I didnt’ leave early since I have two big projects coming up. Believe it or not, my new certifications are starting to make a difference…more later

MadCow is running great, still pumping along at a faster speed. Since the motherboard has 6 simm slots, I had a spare 32mb laying around, so I popped that in too. The difference is noticeable. The thing now that is bothering me, is the lack of disk space. I have a SCSI card, that secretly I want to use in the new system. I have a 4gb SCSI drive and a couple of gigs lying around so the new system will be all SCSI. So that means I now have a 6gb drive that I can install in MadCow. Should help with the archival of old sites.

Yes, my new system is going to be all SCSI. I have an old Adaptec that was in MadCow when I got him. It’s an ISA card, but that shouldn’t slow him down too much. The card’s drivers are built into Win2k, it’s a pretty standard card that I’ve used under Win 3.1, Win95, and Mandrake. I also have an older SCSI CD-ROM. I’m not sure what case I’m going to use, I’m really thinking about hacking the twin to MadCow and putting the ATX board in there with an ATX power supply. Adaptec says that the card works under Win2k, so I’m going to try it.

This site is going to change designs again. I’m going back to a newer version of the curved design from a few months ago. I know more about how to accomplish what I need and to also have it render in older browsers. Plus, I’m going to see how far I can get and still be BOBBY certified. Oh, and I’m going to try this in Dreamweaver (DW). I like all WYSIWYG HTML editors, but I need to learn this fast. I have a nice DW book that is 1.) new 2.) expensive 3.) good. I normally get cheap books. I found a great DW book, but I didn’t see spending $50 on when it only had DW and not Fireworks. I use Fireworks as a resource on a few of the DW extentions, I haven’t dove into it yet, I prefer Photoshop. And to those who wonder, if Macromedia ported Dreamweaver to Linux , that would be killer. I mean they already port to the Mac and it has the same marketshare…about 5%.

As much as I would love to talk about a few more “issues”. I’m going to save that for another time, hopefully within the next few weeks (or days…it gets wacky sometimes).