feeling analog

September 1, 2001

Nothing much to write about. Spent Friday evening with Niki’s parents on their front porch. Oh it felt good to be out there, nice breeze and conversation.

Came home and tried to find out why my camera isn’t working. I’m going to exchange it this weekend and at least get some cash on it. Might use that to purchase a nicer camera or pay bills. Don’t know yet.

I am using only Dreamweaver and Photoshop for the next version of this site. I do like it, I have been won over. The site’s design is set, but I’m having problems with an extension. I have an extension that builds buttons for menus, but I can’t find where to change the font size in the script. I emailed the author and asked how to change that, plus it was a good way to let him know that the script is great. The amount of hackability embedded in Dreamweaver is great. You can write scripts in HTML, the menus are XML, and there are hundreds of free extensions. With FrontPage and NetObjects, there is a small industry that sprang up because users wanted extend their programs. I have a few extensions, but for the most part those extensions suck. Macromedia examines all extensions that are submitted. They work, some work better than others, but they all are good.

I’m spending a lot of this afternoon trying to find fonts. I have a great

resource in France, but I haven’t found the font I’m looking for.

I did find a few others that look more interesting than plain ole’ Helvetica

. I have a program that makes fonts, haven’t tried it yet, but it should

be interesting.