Oh Rainy Day

September 2, 2001

I’ve been trying out VMWare on MadCow. Stormix installed but would not boot, RedHat stalled and Win98 is installing fine. I’m going to try RedHat again, I had to try 7.0 since I can’t find my disk #3. I’m going to dig for that disk this weekend. I also have Debian and SuSE on the way. I’ve been wanting to try SuSE but haven’t been able to. If it works under VMWare, then it should work on a normal system.

I’m typing this in Abiword .7 while Win98 is installing in another window. I’m not experiencing a slowdown and everything seems to work fine. Give VMWare 64mb of RAM and that leaves about 145mb for everything else. I’m going to use the VMWare Win98 for installing some software I didn’t want to disturb my system with.

I have buttons and the general layout for the next version of this site. But I ran out of time. So next weekend will be the new site. I need to get everything passed through the BOBBY test and I also need to text the graphics. I’m using PNG for most graphics. I might have to setup a script for older browsers. I already have a script together for the text only version{.liinternal} of this site.

Well, Niki and I are going to finish registering at Target today. Should be fun….more later.