Virtual Senility

September 3, 2001

Oh how I love free software. I downloaded AbiWord .9.2 last night and it works beautifully. Very stable. I’m typing this in Abi right now and I’m amazed with the improvement in the past few months. I also downloaded Trillian , a nice chat program that runs IRC, ICQ, AIM, Y!, MSN in one program. I really like this chat program, I hate having 15 different programs load up on my system. This interfaces with them all.

I’ve decided to stop posting comments on /., plastic, and kuro5hin. Actually kuro5hin has become a vast wasteland of information so I’ve stopped going. Too many people trying to act like they have a Black turtleneck on and peer down at the commoners. Plastic is about the same way. They are stingy with Karma too. I really like, but I have to stop..I’m tired of all of the bias news stories on there, and one can almost spend too much time trying to get people to see the other side. I just cannot stand bias in the media and I sure can’t stand arguing at this point.

I kinda launched….kinda is the main word. It’s up there, but I might rebuild it. I might transfer it to my other domains. The idea is nice, but I don’t have the real time to implement it. Plus, I think it would be unfair to my other side job to put up a computer website. so, vixol is up more as a proof of concept. It will evolve into one of my other domains, maybe politics will be on one site.

One other computer thing…My VMWare session is now running RedHat 7.0. Stormix didn’t take well, but RedHat installed and I had GNOME running on my Win2k desktop. Ran well, seems like it was running on a P200, not as fast as the 333, but didn’t feel bogged down. I’m going to try this when the new system is built and my copies of Debian and SuSE arrive. I also want to try OS/2 again. Call me crazy, but I’ve been reading up on Project ODIN . It’s where you can convert Win32 EXE and DLL files to work in OS/2. They have screenshots of Dreamweaver and Photoshop running. Might be neat to try out.