September 4, 2001

I was watching a little bit of the MDA telethon and I flashed back when they mentioned something about one of the local Key Clubs helping out. In high school I was a member and occasionally an officer in the Key Club. One of my most memorable experiences was when I helped deliver food to some people down on their luck. They actually lived about 5 minutes from me, along some dirt road. I saw some old homes with a few junk cars on the front yard. One of the ladies we delivered to was sitting down while we were in her kitchen. She got up and said thanks and that we would never know how much this had meant to her. We went to the leader’s jeep and she said that woman was 30 years old…three years older than I am now, but in her face (I still remember it) she had lead a life far more than her age and her face showed it. I would have guessed late 40’s. It was a rather big shock to all of us when we found that out. It is more of a larger shock now when I think about it.