September 6, 2001

Well I’ve turned off the backburner and now I can present the main dish.

I don’t know how many of you who read my journal know that at one time I was a Network Admin. It was more of an interim position. I knew that after Y2K I would be burned out enough that working on websites would be a full time position. After Y2K, I moved to Marketing as the Web Geek and Graphics person. I’m still not sure if everyone who reads this, knows that I love tinkering with computers. I’ve built a few hundred and staged more than that. I’ve managed 200+ users on NT, Novell, and UNIX. I am familure with a lot of systems. I have a (kinda) photographic memory. I’m still an occasional resource for IS, since I was involved with a lot of the old equipment that was held together with duct tape and bubble gum. Ahh, Synoptic terminal servers, OpenView, & BootP. Nothing like having to telnet into an old terminal server to reset a dumb terminal port. Did it enough at 3am that I could possibly still do it by memory.

I’ve been asked to split my position. There is a need in another department for someone to handle the hardware side of their computers. So that means for about 20 hours a week, I’m going to help nurses with their laptops and do some training. It’s more of a mentoring position since they have a clinical IS person who handles the hardware side of things. Eventually, I will have the clinical IS person trained for minor troubleshooting. After a year, the position will be re-evaluated to see if they need a full time person or if they even need it at all. There will also be a lot of report writing using Crystal Reports and SQLServer. Some neat things actually. We’re also going to roll out about 5 laptops at a time for the Nurses in the field. From what I learned today, they also have a small version of SQL on the laptops too. Some of the next few weeks will be spent observing and making sure I get what they need me to get.

There are some other factors in play here that will eventually effect that position. Things I can’t really talk about until they are finalized. Could the position evolve into a full-time position? Don’t know. Would you do it full-time? Don’t know.

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I’m still working on Dreamweaver. I actually downloaded the Mac version at work to see if I can tell a difference. To me, it doesn’t feel as fluid as the Windows version. I could almost ditch Windows. If I wind up using Dreamweaver, that would mean all of my tools work under Macs too. I would only have issues when we work on some ASP pages at work. If I could get away from the Microsoft servers I would be ok, but I am tied to a Microsoft shop with all M$ gear.

I am starting to work with PHPNuke for a site I’m building. We changed the focus of one of the sites and the PHPNuke scripts would work well. We could post info dynamicly and not have to worry about DW and FrontPage extentions. The surver supports is and it would be a great way to learn. The site isn’t a computer site but one for safety. Should be an interesting site. I would have gone with Slash, but I think PHPNuke is better. I also like NewsPro and it might wind up doing the job, but we needed a total solution.