You Would Cry Too…

September 7, 2001

I’ve been playing with PHPNuke for a site I’m building. I had a design ready, but I think this one would be a lot better due to the content we have. As soon as I learn how to design Nuke themes, I’m going to make a special one for the site. Shouldn’t be too hard. It is really going to be a different use for Nuke, a site that isn’t for computers. We’re going to provide information on safety and that should be a neat thing to use. Plus the capabilities in PHPNuke for AvantGo and other devices and programs for PDAs could be of use for what we’re trying to do. And the syndication ability makes it interesting.

I have been very busy at work. I have some media projects and for some reason, I really like doing those. So most of my day was spent watching videographers and photographers work. Seeing their suggestions and just doing what they do best. I have a small video system at home, but nothing has ever been produced on it. I might now. One guy I was with, was using iMovie from Apple to do some high profile regional ads. It’s a free program for pete’s sake. I’ve seen those commercials and boy you sure can’t tell if they were done in Premier, Avid, or Video Toaster. The actual people in the know might be able to tell, but for someone without any knowledge, it looks great. Now if decent programs like that were available in Linux….

We got something called “Fatal Vision ” at work. And basically you strap it on like ski goggles and it simulates what you see when you are .03 on the breathalizer. I was in the passenger seat and tried it out on my way to lunch. It was an f-ing hoot. The daytime goggles about blinded me, but the nighttime goggle were pretty cool. I asked if I could bring those home, but work wasn’t amused. They also have a “fatal Reflection” program that scans in photos and makes the subject look like an accident victim. The moulage is very realistic. Very fun.