Manhattan On Ice

September 8, 2001

Had a pretty enjoyable day. Worked on the next version of this site. Then my Mom came over and we had lunch and went to a movie. We went to the cheap show and saw “A.I”. It’s not a stinker like some of the reviews I’ve read suggested. It was a great movie and has some great characters in it. I even teared up toward the end. Jude Law is great and that damn Haley Joel Osment is great.

Don’t go to this movie expecting what you saw on the trailers. It’s not like that. The parts with the woman mecha in the trailer last about 10 minutes. She is only a minor character. It became more of a Pinoccoho meets the Wizard of Oz. Not in that touchy-feely way, but in the ideas of the quest. The story takes place over the course of 2000 years. The end is unique and not like anything else you’ve ever seen. I’m am very bad about picking movies apart and my Mom, being the scifi buff she is, loved it. Warning: You have to pay attention and see it for what it is. It probably the strangest movie I’ve seen and this is from someone who watched many of Frank Zappa’s movies. It is truly a Kubrick project. Speilberg did a very good job and I hope this movie will at least become a cult hit if not an Oscar winner. But I doubt it…people don’t want to see movies like this. We’re dumbing down society. I mean Kubrck had to do “Eyes Wide Shut” in order to do this film. Eyes was a pretty bad film. I cringe when I watch that movie. Hey nakedness is great, but nothing could have saved that film. At least he didn’t have to do “Ishtar2:Electric Boogaloo”.

After the film I went to Niki’s brother’s wedding shower. Had fun, had food, and had some drinks. Nice relaxing evening. We sat around and saw Georgia completely bumble a game that they were winning. And Georgia tech won vs. Navy 70-7. We sat outside and talked and watched their (and soon my) nephew play and just being a little boy. I can honestly say that if having a wonderful nephew around brightens my day, it must be 10-times better when you have your own children. I normally don’t talk about him online, but he started school this week…pre-k. Niki called me and brightened up, what was one of the worst days I’ve had in a long long time, by telling me that he went to school and how he acted when his Mom left him at school. He wasn’t a baby anymore…It’s really strange to me to think that when he came to live here, he was about 6 months old and to think about all that he has learned in that time is amazing. From the time I first met him, about 3 years ago, he has learned to crawl, walk, talk, hammer a nail, read, and developed his own personality. He isn’t afraid of anything, except the “Big Bad Wolf”, and he isn’t afraid to learn. I hope in about 20 years, I’ll be attending his college graduation.