Around the world in 80 phone calls

September 10, 2001

Dammit, I am not a happy camper today. I went to work late since I don’t feel worth a s*&^$ today. Must be sinus’. When I came in, I had about 50 emails and 10 phone messages. I was also forwarded another 10 messages because of an RFP. I am tired and irritable and really don’t want to talk to some New Yorker about a damn website. Apparantly people don’t know how to lookup a companies website to get the proper emails and phone numbers. I typically account for all calls going to a President for info on an RFP to computer illeterate salesmen. You know, I already know more about the companies that left me voicemails than they do about me. I have Google handy and just lookup their name and clients. Some do good work, others do good work but suck at it. All it takes is a little research…I’ve done more due-dillegance just to prove points. You just have to dig a little deeper and you will find a veritable goldmine of information.

Google:It’s Your Weapon for Fightin’ and Fun!

NetObjects to Cease Operations and Intends to Sell Assets

Another reason I’m not a happy camper. They have a good product and it’s a shame that FrontPage became the bigger product. I really like NetObjects, they’re a good bunch of people but they lost the war. I smelled something in the wind, but I didn’t know it would happen this fast. IBM really should have incorportaed more of what NOF did into their product line. I will predict that they will either fold into Lotus or into the Websphere…that is if IBM actually wants it. IBM had about a 48% stake in NetObjects. I just went on eBay and purchased FusionMX for $30. I might have switched to Dreamweaver, but I still use Fusion.