Quick Updates

September 11, 2001

Good place for WTC Photoshttp://www.gnome.org/~drc/jeepo/nyc/%257Edavid_amor/wtc/ Good place to hear the NYPDhttp://www.policescanner.com/policeNYPD.stm

I also added a few more in the directory listed in the grey box to your right.

I’m listening to the Police scanner now, they are very busy…I’m going to try the fire scanner. I am really tired, my TV is off and I drove home with the radio off too.

[update 7am Wed.]The only fire scanner they have is for the Dallas FD.

This is only the beginning folks…looks like the internet is going to be blamed for this…Wired has a story that is sure to cause panic. This is going to be the goverment’s way to push wiretapping into your email and web surfing. In this time of crisis, people in high places are going to use this to get their agenda through. “Blame the Internet” is going to be the rallying cry for everything…