Two brothers torn apart by Chaos…

September 11, 2001

For some reason, I was planning on talking about how my hometown reacted during the Gulf War. We cheered and honored the troups. It was emotional. The events today make me wonder why this popped in my head a good two hours before the initial plane crash. Probably the same reason why my poster of Challenger fell off of my bedroom wall and woke me…I got up and watched the shuttle explode.

In my young life, I had hoped that war was behind us…It’s not. I’m shaking as I type this. It’s the end of the world as we know it. I support my country and its leaders.

I’ve tried to get some work done, but I am unable to make long distance calls. My calls need to go to Boston, NYC, and Atlanta…all circuits are busy. So I spent most of my time working on artwork for some other work and a few forms. It is hard to get anything done when you have these thoughts in your head. I talked to a nice British chap from an Internet firm in Toronto, Ontario. He was nice and I was really suprised that he got through.

The National Guard in town is on alert, guarded by solders with BIG guns…Niki just called and said that the Gas stations are backed up and that all malls in the US are closing. She is on her way home.

[later]Went out to deposit a check and to get gas (I was below E) and yes, the pumps are backed up. I went to an out of the way station and waited. I barely remember the gas shortages in the 70’s, but this brought back what few memories I have. And Damn, I just cleaned out my Y2K rations 🙂

On MacAddict’s messages boards someone posted this:Sorry to those who feel this is in bad taste, but this is kinda weird. It’s a sum up of the first episode of the Lone Gunmen on Fox. Read the 4th paragraph from the top. I’d imagine Fox will not be replaying this episode anytime soon. scary isn’t it?

I’m going to cease posting any information on this until someting else breaks. I already had a post ready, but I figure that a national emergency gets a higher priority.

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