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September 12, 2001

I submitted an article to slashdot and it was included in Timothy’s article called ”


News And Links On Yesterday’s Terrorist Attack](”  My submission is about

9 paragraphs down. I have concerns about how the Internet is going to be made

responsible for this horrific attack.

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I had a nice post ready for Tuesday, but the events going on threw that aside. I looked at my original post and deleted it. Looks like posts for the rest of the week will be sparse. I am leaving town possibly this weekend. I need to get away.

I just ordered a new system for a client. Simple p3 machine. I also ordered a processor for the new system. Everything should be in next week. It’s going to be a basic Win98 machine running Autocad. Everything, for me at least, will be back to normal. I’m going to put the new system in a hacked AT case with an ATX power supply. I really hate to put that nice system in a cheap board when I have a sturdy Gateway case sitting here.

I have a few diversion links: and NRL Satellite Image Animator


One of my grandmother’s friend’s daughters made it out of NYC with no problems.

She walked about 68 block home and she’s ok. She works for K-Rock as one of Howard

Stern’s assistants. I’m not that familure with her, never met her, but that hit

too close.

Another friend’s family member graduated American’s Stewardess school about 2

weeks ago, she is based out of NYC. She left that morning for Dallas. When they

landed they quickly pulled all of the crew into a secure room and told them about

the Hijacking. They didn’t see the images until hours later. At the time my friend

was telling me this, she still wasn’t sure about her fellow roommates/stewardesses.

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