One Paragraph Movie Reviews: American Pie 2

September 15, 2001

I wasn’t going to post before I left for Atlanta, but I felt I really needed to. We went out yesterday for Niki’s birthday dinner. Later we went to go see “American Pie 2”. We left before it ended. This isn’t as funny as the first one, and I think I was kringing for about an hour. Sure there are some funny bits, but even those can’t save the movie. The previews are funnier. I wasted $7.50 on this shitball (I saw A.I. for about $2). I loved the first one, but my god, this plot sucked and was way too predictable. We were about 10 minutes into it, when Niki leaned over and said “This Sucks”. a lot of movies have that “It sucks so bad it’s good quality”. This one didn’t. This is possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in about 15 years and I’ve seen a lot of movies.