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September 17, 2001

Niki’s birthday was yesterday. _Happy Birthday Dear! _We had

her B-Day dinner on Friday and I gave her some nice pink roses and a funny card

on Sunday. This year is going to be tight on Birthdays. But I’ve told her next

year we would have a big bash. I wish I could have done more, but everything

is going toward the wedding.

Went to Atlanta Saturday and had a great time. Talked wedding stuff with Phil and his wife Julie. Had a nice dinner with Julie’s brother and best friend at the Buckhead Brewery near Stockbridge. That place has the biggest chicken pot pies on the planet. I was going to get the bison but I needed two credit references, damn thing was over $30. We left and watched “Meet Joe Black” for the rest of the evening. Good movie. Got a lot accomplished, we talked about Tuxes, housing, and just general wedding goodies. I feel a lot better now. So, I’m going to look at tuxes in the next few days. I have an idea of what I want: Black Suit, No Bow Tie, Think Blues Brothers. Weddings are just an intersting time.

Saturday we ventured out to some computer stores. CompUSA has a TiBook, just stitting there with a bad hard drive. They had a 1st edition iBook Tangerine for $1,100 and a new iBook for about $1,200. I’ll be willing to wager that the original iBook was going to be parted with soon. They had G4s, but they had the new Quicksilvers waiting to be setup. We found Flight Simulator for $60 at Media Play and $30 at CompUSA. BestBuys didn’t have a single copy. We’ve decided that if you want it, you better get it now. It could be pulled because of the attacks. I did try out a PC game for “Pearl Harbor”. You had to sit in a turret and shoot down enemy aircraft. Fun game, we had to be pulled away.

I looked over the stats, and I had 9,000 hits this week alone. I normally get about 5k a month, so this is a wonderful suprise. It’s been a hectic week and I’ve had a lot of media attention, so the site has picked up.

So, If you frequent this site: Thank You!