Webweaving for Dummies

September 19, 2001

I did some work for a client Monday night. Installed a new Epson 880 printer. It connected with a USB connection. I am really impressed with this $79 printer. It’s fast and quiet. We printed out a home appraisal that included 4 scanned photos. The photos came out clear and look as good as my Color Laser at work. We have a Deskjet at work that costs double what this little printer did and it doesn’t even come close on clarity. I am so impressed that I would love to get one after the first of the year. HP makes good laser printers but their deskjets aren’t worth the price.

I finally presented my final web mock-ups to a band yesterday. I have five designs, two are based off of their flyers and one is based on a graphic I designed. They like the one I thought of on my drive home and whipped up in the hour before I was to meet. I think that design combined with a couple of ideas that are on their CD package will be great. I’ve gone back and just want them to have a unique page. I whipped up another design in Dreamweaver and I am really amazed at what it can do. I hope to use the Photo Album feature for this page and the one I’m doing for the band.

I ordered a new system for a new client, a copy of NetObjects MX, and a processor for my new system. Unfortunately they are delayed because of the attacks and maybe just maybe they will be here this week. I finally received my certificate for the Web Design for Accessibility certification. Looks nice, now I need to get my HTML 3.2 certificate.

More and more I am beginning to really like Dreamweaver. Fireworks is another story…It is really a lot like Photoshop…it’s more like Bizarro Photoshop. I have the same EyeCandy filters, some of the same tools, but some features are hidden. I know Photoshop really well, but the integration Fireworks has with Dreamweaver makes me want to figure this out more.

I tried to pass a Dreamweaver certification, but I failed miserably. I’m not that knowledgeable of everything and every feature DW has inside. I’ve used FrontPage since version 1.0, so I know it inside and out, but I need to move to a tool that fits what I need it to. I have no plans of updating to FrontPage 2002 or anything out of the OfficeXP package. I don’t see the benefits of upgrading. NetObjects, since it’s their final version (maybe not), will be updated. They added a lot of features, but I always have 5.0 to fall back on. I have only fired up FrontPage and NetObjects at home to work on older sites and projects. Everything else is being developed in Dreamweaver exclusively. My sites at work are still being managed by FrontPage. I put upgrades for FrontPage and NetObjects in my budget, but I am going to get Dreamweaver instead. I can import FrontPage webs, using an Extension and it works on all of my systems. The only issue I have will be with the ASP files and how FP2k creates databases.

Ok, time to get serious for a moment. I watched Dave Letterman Monday night, and I was really touched by the sincerity of his show. I have more respect for Dave and to the feelings he provoked in the show. The segment with Dan Rather was interesting, I’ve seen Dan get emotional at times but never to the extent that he was on the show. Dan doesn’t hide his humanity, I don’t think you would see Peter Jennings or Tom Brocaw breaking down like that. I’ve watched Dan’s coverage of horrible events before and he has always presented the news in a manner that was honest and interesting. His coverage in Vietnam (I’ve seen tapes) to his coverage of the WTC attacks prove he is the best at what he does. Dave’s interview with Denis Leary Tuesday night was very good. He lost a friend in the 2nd plane crash and he has setup a fund for firefighters.

I watched Conan O’Brien last night and was equally touched. While he is not as good as Letterman was Monday, he said it all with heartfelt emotions. He did get a little funny in the middle of the show, but it felt forced. He said that is staff and crew were debating when to come back. I tried to watch “The Late Late Show”, but Craig Kilborne is hard to watch at a time like this. He is funny and he tries to get back to being funny, his interview of Ben Stein was a really good one. Ben was at St.Patrick’s Cathedral after the attack and told his story. I tried watching Leno, but I really can’t stand the guy. I really wish Dennis Miller’s show was on.