Dreams of Snakes, Cows, and Blue Fish

September 20, 2001

I updated my Photoshop 5 to 6.0 last night…I’ve played around with it but it feels so weird. I’ve used Photoshop 5 since 1998. I’ve used it for almost three years so I didn’t realize how attached I am to the interface. The new one added features that were on my wish list (Text tool bar, Brush Bar) but it feels so strange. It also came with ImageReady it’s Adobe’s answer to Fireworks. So I’m sitting here, thinking about making the switch to Fireworks…I’m changing programs anyway so why not throw the baby out with the bathwater? But I’ll see how this works.

I also got Pagemaker 6.5. I learned desktop publishing on Pagemaker 5.0 so the interface is familiar. I’ve used Quark for a year and a half and I still hate it. If I have to do anything remotely DTP, I’ll just design it in Photoshop. I really wanted Pagemaker, since I can output to HTML and incorporate all of my tools. I have some projects that need some DTP, so this was a necessity. I’m trying to be a web design shop, but I’m not going to turn down business if I know how to do it.

I can’t wait to get a clean system together to put all of my programs on. Only now am I experiencing the problems with small hard drives. But unless something changes, that will have to wait until 2002. I was going to get a 10gb drive, but I’m filling up 7gb of space now. So I think a 20gb will work. I need to archive some of my data to CD-R, and that should free up 2gbs. The new system will start out with a 6gb drive. It should eventually get a 20. I am in the middle of hacking a case for the new system. I painted the outside case now I just need to paint the plastic. It’s going to be a black case. So since it’s a Gateway motherboard in a hacked Gateway case it too will receive a “Cow” name like “MadCow” has. Right now the name “Angus” is on top, but once it gets built that could change.

Oh and one last software goodie, I downloaded Mozilla 9.0.4 and wow it is fast. Works really great in testing right now. Between K-Meleon, Mozilla, and IE I really can’t choose.

One of my sites is showing up on the Fusion Builder site. It’s a neat site for people who use NetObjects Fusion. The site listed is the only one I still have that is 100% NetObjects. The main Hutcheson page was designed in NetObjects, but imported into FrontPage. Two designs for the band I’m working with were done with NOF and will soon be on my portfolio page. And quite possibly they will be added to the Fusion Builder site.

I had a enjoyable lunch yesterday with our new video director. We talked about the WTC of course, but we also talked about the web. He wants to see how I do things and has offered to let me see how he does things. I’ve always been interested in video and how you can edit with computers. He has an interesting setup and uses iMovie for some of the editing. My goal is to learn about SMPTE (Baby Snakes) It’s really interesting about how computers interact with all media. Even if Apple has only 5%, it’s a strong 5%. And I haven’t seen a good video package for Windows other than Avid and it’s expensive.